Technical Data Coins

  • Name: BitLion (BitLionCoin)
  • Sysmbol: XBL
  • Coin type: PoW + PoS
  • Algorithm: x13
  • Number of coins: 100 million
  • PoW block time: 1.5 minutes
  • PoS block time: 3.5 minutes
  • Reward PoW: Depends on the diff PoW network, max 32 coin
  • Reward PoS: Depends on the diff PoS network, max 32 coin
  • Ration PoW / PoS: 70/30
  • Confirmation mining: 320 blocks as PoW and PoS
  • Confirmation of transfer: 10 bloks

Mom, dad and grandparents

  • From NovaCoin gives hybrid PoW & PoS system
  • From CRTCoin gives protection from multipools
  • From BlackCoin gives simple and intuitive PoS
  • From DarkCoin gives difficulty retarget system

X13 Algo

  • It uses very effective X13 algorithm, so you could save up to 40% of your power consumption. Reduced heat  emission saves your mining rigs from overheat during summertime.